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Kiing36 grew up in San Bernardino, California.  Kiing36 fell in love with music at a very young age. Many family members around him were involved in music so that is where he began to gain interest in making music around middle school. Searching for that big moment trying to make it big Kiing36 has spent many years perfecting his craft and studying music. After going to Full Sail University Kiing36 has enhanced his talents even further in such a quick amount of time. still hungry and still learning, Kiing36 is halfway to the finish line soon to graduate with a degree in audio production. Kiing36 has been networking with many Producers, engineers, artists, and creators searching for the right team to join him on the way to creating history changing music. Showing off his many talents Kiing36 has an active YouTube page available to keep up with his current projects please like subscribe and click the notification bell so you can be notified first whenever he uploads new videos.

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