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When creating music, I like to have a plan for what I am going to create and what direction I would like my project to sound. Creating this project, I wanted to find a way to describe myself thru my music. My main goal was that I wanted to show how I am a versatile. I like to express that I have an educated, kind, and caring side to me, but I also have another side that just wants to let loose and have some fun and not worry about the everyday problems of life. This track shows two sides fitting together as one just like how there are two versions of me that make me the person that I am. The beginning is a slow chill type of vibe, but the second half is more of a dancing lowrider type of beat that is what my inspiration was for each part. I could see myself making a video to these separately the slower part would be an emotional song and the second half would be something about cars and I would have lowriders in the video. 

I used the basic 4/4 meter for this project. I decided to structure this project with a slow start building up to a bouncier pattern. I chose this bass because it sounded really deep and funky, so I loved it

The first half of the project is in a minor in the second half is in C major I chose to use the A Minor Chords of i iv v bIII 

for C major I Chose to use I iii IV vi7 iiisus4 

I chose the versatile electric piano for my harmony because I like this sound so much it reminded me of the R&B songs that I hear on the radio today for the melody I chose a simple grand piano and strings and also a marimba because I like the glassy island sound.  I didn’t really aim for any particular shape. 

For the audio tracks I chose to hype up the sounds I created and give the beat a sample of what it would be like with a hook on it. 

There is also an audio I recorded and used in the exs sampler as a background fx and fill out the song. For the mic recorded track I just let the beat loop for a couple minutes and an idea came to about what I could add for the audio, so I grabbed my headphones and tested it out. 

I wanted to use the sampler track to test out sampling a simple humming noise. 

For the 2 dynamic effects I choose to place them on my sampler track on track 17 I decided to add an echo and a reverb to it and it gave another feel that sounded more ghostly and altered it where it was not as easy to tell what it was. By the time I got around to creating a synth a lot of the space was taken up in my Project so what I decided to do was create an extra background sound just to highlight the original melodies of the beat 

I also decided to use the time base of Fae on track five the high hats to add reverb to them on track 11 and track 12 The harmony and the melody I decided to add dynamic EQ effects I was looking to add the telephone outside of the car muffled type of sound  I also added a limiter on my bass on track 10 because I felt like it was just a little too much

Portfolio I: Bio
Portfolio I: Music
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